Land of the Free
Published by Aperture 1999
Terry and Herbert Evans, Point Pleasant, NJ Camille Terry as Marilyn Monroe, Palisades Park, NJ
Eddie Pratt as Himself, Warminster, PA Eddie Pratt as Cupid, Warminster, PA Janet Densmore as Jayne Mansfield, New Orleans, LA
Little Pete, Gibsonton, FL Yosemite National Park, CA Cheryl and Melissa Lucas, Newtown, PA
Pauline LaChance and Gregory Mikeska with Liberace's Shoes, Las Vegas, NV Midge Mattel, Philadelphia, PA Xina, Tyler State Park, Newtown, PA
Cereal City, Battle Creek, MI Bud Burkhart as William Penn, Levittown, PA Bob and Tim Grout, Kalona, IA

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